What is the ArthroStim?

Today’s Doctor of Chiropractic needs maximum controlled joint displacement combined with patient comfort.  This is where the ArthroStim reigns supreme.

The ArthroStim is unique in that it produces a rapid thrust and recoil rate of 12 thrusts / second.  This frequency is often referred to as the “Low Beta Somato-Motor Rhythm” because of its profound effect on the nervous system.  This is twice the speed of other mechanical thrust instruments. 

This rapidity stimulates specialized nerve pathways that send messages to the brain called proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors .  The patient’s pain sensing nerve pathways that carry pain messages to the brain are called nociceptors.  These nociceptors are not stimulated by the ArthroStim because of the thrust and recoil.  This means that the adjustment can be delivered painlessly to patients of all ages.

The ArthroStim delivers high velocity, short stroke thrusts which supersaturates the target area with the specific energy needed to correct the joint function.  The high speed, shallow thrust allows for the accumulation of force that extends beyond the joints into the surrounding support tissues such as tendons and ligaments.  This effect releases secondary trigger points and muscle spasm.  Patients usually notice a positive difference with the first treatment.

What is the VibraCussor?

Percussion is a new treatment modality for those who suffer from musculoskeletal and myofascial pain syndromes.  It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that may serve as a therapeutic alternative to trigger point and / or epidural injection, or when other treatment approaches have failed.  The VibraCussor is one of the best percussion therapy devices available.

Percussion is believed to improve blood and lymph circulation by its primary kinetic action.  Other observed clinical benefits of percussion therapy include myofascial pain reduction and increased range of motion.

The VibraCussor has been used to release fascial restrictions, increase joint motion, reduce pain and relax spastic muscle.

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