What Is Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)?

Low Level Laser Light Therapy or Therapeutic Laser Therapy utilize lasers  that have a power output of less than 1 Watt.  Lasers of that power don’t have a thermal or heating effect on cells and tissues as surgical lasers do.

LLLT lasers also have a biological effect on cells called “Photo Bio-Stimulation.”  This occurs at power levels below 10 milli-watts or 10-1,000ths of a Watt.

How Does Low Level Laser Light Work?

Bundles of light pass through the skin layers and are received within the cell membrane by specific photo acceptors.  The increased energy within the cells result in altered cell membrane permeability.  Physiological changes occur through an enzyme cascade that effects several biological processes.  Within injured musculoskeletal tissue, it increases microcirculation and enhances tissue regeneration.  The overall effects of LLLT are decreased pain and inflammation, as well as, increased joint range of motion.

There have been numerous scientific studies and much published research that discusses the various aspects of LLLT.  Simply stated:

Through photon absorption, laser light energy converts into chemical energy which initiates a cascade of cellular events.  These include:

-Enhanced tissue repair because it penetrates the skin increasing ATP and activating enzymes.

-Growth factor response within cells and tissues because of increased ATP and Protein synthesis.

-Improved cell proliferation.

-Pain relief because of the release of B-endorphins.

-Strengthens the immune system by increasing lymphocyte activity.


Bio-Modulation or Bio-Stimulation refers to the stimulation of cells and tissues to bring them to their most natural state. The goal is to optimize healing without exceeding the cell’s or tissue’s ability to function properly.

Clinical Uses of LLLT in Our Practice.

1.Pain Relief – by increasing levels of B-endorphins and reducing the hyper-irritability of nerve cells.

2.Anti-Inflammatory Effect – by decreasing the release of bradykinins, histamines, and acetylcholine.

3.Muscle Relaxation – by increasing ATP production.

4.Reduces Swelling (Edema) – by increasing lymphatic flow.

5.Reducing Trigger Points – by improving circulation to them.

6.Balancing Acupoints in the ear and body.

7.Re-Balancing the Nerve System.

The above effects can help us achieve faster results during detoxification, emotional stress, and stabilizing spinal dysfunction (holding your adjustments longer).

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